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Gaming Servers Hosting offer servers for gamers to connect too and in turn the server keeps the game in sync.

A gaming server can either be dedicated or shared. Gaming Servers Hosting offer solutions for both.

A specialised Control Panel gives you the ability to perform game updates and much more.

Having the server as close by as possible means faster ping responses; better gaming. Read more.

Gaming Servers Hosting Home Page

Welcome to Gaming Servers Hosting. Get started by introducing yourselves on our forums.

SSD Driven Low Latency Gaming Servers

At Gaming Servers Hosting we pride ourselves on fast responsive servers and support; no need to use the ticketing system we have live chat facilities. We aim to serve customers with their every need on super-fast latest technology SSD driven game servers. Meaning you are getting a 30% faster server before ping or latency comes into play. And trust us, ping and latency is the last issue we have! Cool huh? Get started by introducing yourselves or your clan on our forums.

Game Server Icon; Super fast reliable SSD technology for modern warfare clans

Game Servers

Hosted around the world on super fast SSD drives with mega fast internet connections.

Voice Server Icon; Super fast reliable SSD technology for modern warfare clans

Voice Servers

The voice comms servers all come with complete admin control facilities.

Web Site Server Icon; Free web hosting for all customers, option to buy domain names included

Web Hosting

All servers come with free web hosting and a clan web site builder with logo maker!

Gaming Servers Referral Programme

The need for customers can be expensive so before we can deploy high spec servers around the world we need you to collect together several clans and get them to use your referral code we'll knock hard cash off your server with no contract obligations for any of your clans. Neat right?

Money Icon; make money selling our servers

Make Money

Refer more than the cost of your account and we will give you the cash as a gift!

Commission Icon; Make up to 5% off all orders placed - forever!


Each account you refer we will give you 5% of everything they pay for - forever!

Payment Methods Icon; Visa, MasterCard, PayPal and ClickBank


We accept and make payments through Visa, MasterCard, PayPal and ClickBank.

Automated Gaming Server Control Panel

Gaming Servers Hosting Control Panel; easy to use gaming server control panel

Our control panel is - cool. You can manage everything and you don't need to be a pro-gamer to do so, most forms have suitable default values for you to just click continue. Manage your FTP space, MySQL databases and game servers/updates which are automated anyway so why bother! More fun gaming and less administration!

Automation Icon; everything is automated from setup


Server updates are automated, in the background - with the server running.

Manual Icon; forget the manual just hit continue!


All forms and complex pages have simple to use default values. Just hit continue!

Control Methods Icon; Control anything and everything through our control panel

Full Control

Restart server, kick players, change server location all through the control panel.

Don't forget to introduce yourselves on our forums we have plenty of special offers available!